The Witches' Tree
Location: Campbell County KY
Physical Description: Dead-looking tree, half sawed
Spookiness Rating: 3/5

The Legend: This tree is supposed to be cursed and haunted by three witches. Actually it was three women suspected to be witches by the locals. A witches' trial was held and the three women were found guilty and consequently hung. Many, many years later as population started to grow, efforts began to pave a road to where many residences were. The pavement effort seemed to be going well until one tree stood right in the path of the road. The decision was made to remove the tree, despite the legends and local folklore about the tree. The man whose duty it was to remove the tree met an untimely death. No one was around to see what happened, but he was killed while sawing branches. Freak accident or evidence of the curse? The people in charge of the project must have thought that there was enough evidence of the curse and decided to pave the road around the tree. Rifle Range, as the road is now called is where the infamous tree stands where the witches were hung after their trial. The entire road is a reminder of the witches as there are strange coincidences that occur on the trip down the road. On the way to the tree once on Rifle Range, you will drive over three hills. These hills or "humps" are said to be where the witches were buried. You also cross three bridges. The legend also says that you will encounter things "in threes" on your trip to the tree. It has been said that many people have had bad luck and even died after trying to deface or damage the tree.

Our Findings: We have made several trips to this tree and have found that this is indeed a weird tree and an even weirder trip to the tree. Taking pictures, we've found strange mists around the tree that were not seen by the naked eye. Also a fourth branch sometimes seems to be present, when at other times it's not there. Someone I know, touched the tree, mocking the curse and the very next day the car that she drove to the tree died. The engine locked up on her Camry. Maybe just a coincidence, but weird anyway. Recently, a person has been lurking in the woods surrounding the tree shining flashlights at visitors to the tree. Be careful when you visit the tree because we're really not sure who this person is or what their intentions are.

Directions: Take Route 27 South. Turn right onto Route 536 (at Dairy Mart). Turn Right onto Route 915. Turn left onto S. Licking Pike. Turn Left onto Rifle Range. Follow Rifle Range until you see the tree.

Small Video Clip: Click image below to download this file, unzip, then view the video. Note: you must have DiVX 5 or later installed on your computer.

Hell's Church
Location: Batavia OH
Physical Description: Fully Erect Chimney/Fireplace
Spookiness Rating: 4/5

The Legend: You will find this chimney standing by itself in the field this is where the church used to be 20 years ago it stood painted red with stained glass windows. It stands no more because of a bolt of lightning burned it to the ground one night during a blood ritual on all hallows eve. This was at one time a heavy party spot to hang around until strange and unusual things happened like floating orbs and shrill screams. Vehicles driving up behind you that arenít really there. Today all that stands is the chimney of the old church and grass will not grow on the old areas of the altar.

Our Findings: We've made two trips to the Hell's Church. The first trip, we weren't sure that we were in the right spot. It turned out that it was the right spot when we returned the second time. The first trip however, we were having really bad vibes. We were about halfway down the trail to the chimney when we were seeing smoke and hearing noises, so we decided to split. The next night, we returned. We were a little anxious because at the beginning of the trail, there is a posted "private property" sign. At this point, we still weren't sure if we were heading in the right direction. There was a concrete stump which I thought might be the chimney, but it was apparent that it wasn't a chimney. That concrete stump however showed something very strange in our video. I'll get into later. So we continued down the trail. Almost out of nowhere, there it was. Standing about thirty feet high, there stood the chimney. It was very eerie, even at first glance. It was red on the outside (the side that faces the trail), but it was white on the inside (facing where the interior to the church once was). There are still remnants of what used to be the church. We decided to check out the fireplace/altar. As soon as we approach the fireplace there was a weird noise which sounded like either a vehicle or a tornado. Very weird, considering the legend says that you hear vehicles that aren't really there. The sound can be heard on the video footage that we got which is on the NKY Most Haunted DVD. Back to concrete stump I mentioned earlier. Upon close inspection of the video footage of the stump, there appears to be some sort of apparition that flies by in only a few short frames of the video. In one frame in particular, there is what seems to be an image of a dead chef. There also seems to be a baby, possibly an angel (due to what looks like wings) looking over the chef. It's shocking how clearly this image appears in the footage. Below is a screen capture of this image. Note: this was not altered in any way. What you see is how it was. Also if you look at the "chef's hat" upside down, it appears to be another head with a bowtie. This is a very tense trip through the woods, so be prepared to walk about a half mile through some very creepy woods and the tension in the air is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

Sample Image: This is the screenshot of the "chef" and the "angel".

Small Video Clip: Click image below to download this file, unzip, then view the video. Note: you must have DiVX 5 or later installed on your computer.

Cody Railroad Bridge
Location: Independence KY
Physical Description: Railroad Underpass
Spookiness Rating: 1/5

The Legend: A woman was killed driving her car across a swollen creek bed. The car had stalled in the high water and washed it off the bridge. Another variation of the story of the woman that haunts this bridge is that her house caught fire and went running across the tracks to get help and she was struck by a train and killed. On rainy nights when the creek bed is high it is said that if you park your car on the bridge with your headlights off, you will see her ghastly apparition.

Our Findings: We've made a few trips to the Cody Railroad Bridge. Each time, nothing out of the ordinary happened. While we have never tried driving onto the tracks and turning our lights off, we did walk the tracks for quite a bit of time. The atmosphere does seem eerie though. The stories and legends behind this bridge seem to have an explanation. The following is an excerpt from Linda Linn's Kentucky Home and Ghost Stories from a man named Quentin Baker: Just an update to your post that the Cody Road crossing is haunted. It's true that the railroad bridge and road bridge are often flooded, and I believe someone did in fact die once due to that. However, almost all stories of hauntings of these railroad tracks are false. During the prohibition, moonshiners would walk park on the road and cross the hills to the railroad tracks and make their product. The ghost stories were created to keep people away during their activities. I've lived the first 20 years of my life in a house next to those tracks, Cody Road was only a 20 minute walk down the tracks for me, so I was always interested in the subject. The most popular ghost involves a lady who "died in a house fire" and roams the tracks screaming for help and alerting people to the fire. In actuality, the woman in question never died in the fire (only the family pet, actually). Apparently two moonshiners had a falling out, and one of them set fire to the other's house. The women who everyone believes haunts the tracks lived a long life until she died peacefully in the late 1980's of old age. I'm not trying to debunk ghost sightings or activities (hell, I live within 10 minutes of Bobby Mackey's in Wilder Kentucky). But having been a resident of Independence most of my life, I like to set the record straight whenever possible on the Cody Road hauntings. -Quentin Baker
This might may well be haunted but as of yet we have no evidence or anything that leads us to believe it is in fact haunted.

Directions: Take I-275 to the Turkeyfoot Rd. exit. If coming 275 West, turn left onto Turkeyfoot.Turn left on Independence Station Rd. Turn right onto Cody Road.

Small Video Clip: Click image below to download this file, unzip, then view the video. Note: you must have DiVX 5 or later installed on your computer.

Narrows Road
Location: Erlanger KY
Physical Description: Quiet, Fairly Straight Road
Spookiness Rating: 1/5

The Legend: Narrows Road is a winding back road. In the 1950's a police officer was hit and killed pulling someone over. Local legend says that if you drive this road at midnight, an officer will pull you over in a 1950's style cruiser talk to you, then go back to his car and disappear.

Our Findings: Not far from Cody Railroad Bridge, the two locations have one thing in common: no evidence of hauntings. If you are going to visit Cody Railroad Bridge, you might as well give Narrows Road a visit if you are really bored. One thing we did see, but we aren't really thinking that it's anything related to the paranormal, is an older man walking down the road. It was nearly 4:00 AM and he seemed to be just wandering down the road. It was a bit odd and it did make us jump when our headlights first beamed on him. We saw no 1950's cop but we did see a very 2003-ish cop.

Directions: Take Dixie Highway (Route 25) to Turkeyfoot Rd. Take Turkeyfoot Rd. to Narrows Rd. (on left).

Small Video Clip: Click image below to download this file, unzip, then view the video. Note: you must have DiVX 5 or later installed on your computer.

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